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Happiness – What will you do with the $640 Million Jackpot?

This was my Laureate speech at Toastmasters on Happiness. Today’s theme is happiness… I would like to say this, that two weeks ago we were very happy with our lives. Then the Mega Million Mania hit us. We started thinking … Read More


Walking for Health – Reduce Stress, Prevent Diabetes, Lower Blood Pressure.

Today I have chosen Walking for Health as the topic. I’ll also point out ways where you can walk longer without getting sore and tired. I lost 32 pounds by walking and making changes to my eating habits. We have … Read More


Red Beans and Rice Soup

Serves 8 Here’s a healthy soup based on a Mardi Gras favorite in which traditional red kidney beans and Cajun flavors meld with hearty red rice and dark, leafy greens. Don’t forget hot sauce for the table! Our Health Starts … Read More


Massage Benefits

The benefits of massage are reflected in your Circulatory System by: helping to develop a stronger heart improving oxygen supply to cells improving the supply of nutrients to cells elimination of metabolic wastes decreasing blood pressure decreasing circulation of lymph … Read More


10 Foods that Fight Fat and Keep You Healthy!

Battle the bulge and ward off disease with the foods in your kitchen! Americans spend an estimated $42 billion a year on weight loss foods, products and services, many of which don’t even work.  And with the endless number of … Read More


6 secrets of successful exercisers

Use these sart strategies to achieve your workout goals — and get better pain relief.  by Liz Neporent The key to achieving your workout goals – and better pain relief may be simpler than you think.  Just believe in yourself, … Read More


Award Winning Toastmasters Speech

How I Regained my Health and Started a Revolution How it all started Flashback to 5 years ago….The decades were catching up to me. Slowly I had gained 10 pounds of weight each decade from my 20’s on a steady … Read More


Waist Circumference

Another way of determining if you’re at a healthy weight is to measure your waist circumference.  If you carry most of your weight arouhnd your waist or upper body, you have an apple shape.  If you carry most of your … Read More


Body mass index

Your Body mass index helps you determine if you need to lose weight. Body mass index (BMI) is a measurement based on a formula that takes into account your weight and height in determining whether you have a healthy or … Read More


Do you need to lose weight?

Before figuring out if you’re overweight by medical standards, keep in mind that many fashion models and celebrities are unrealistically thin, and you shouldn’t expect to look like them.  Your goal is to achieve a healthy weight — one that … Read More