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Lifechangingtip.org provides knowledge and insight that can help you improve your life on all levels by rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes it is the simple tips that can turn around a challenging situation which we have been struggling to overcome for a long time. Ancient scriptures also have many examples of simple one or two liners which illuminate our senses and make us deeply look at things that evaded us, sometimes for a lifetime.

Pretty girl eating fruitsSimple tips like eating fruit a half an hour before meals, and two to three hours after a meal can help someone get rid of a lifetime of stomach problems. (You can still try eating papaya  or some pineapple with a meal without any major discomfort, since the digestive juices our stomach produces is similar to these fruits).
We hope you will enjoy our articles and forward the ones that you think might be of help to your loved ones.

You can read good articles like Food Combinations, which gives you simple tips that will get rid of that antacid and various stomach medicines in your cabinet. These medicines have serious side effects that can damage the liver, kidneys, heart, etc., if taken for a prolonged period of time.

Yoga and Relaxation TechniquesWe have articles on reducing stress, showing simple Breathing Techniques that you can do anytime and instantly feel better.

Relaxation is a skill you can easily learn to get rid of anxiety, worry and stress. When you are relaxed, happy and feeling good, you will notice that things get done without much effort and people are attracted to you.

You will find Simple Relaxation Techniques that will cultivate a relaxed, confident state of mind and eliminate tension and fatigue in minutes.

Stretching ExercisesResearch is showing that even as you age you can still lead a normal, healthy life. Simple stretching, yoga and aerobic exercises combined with some strength training can keep away aches and pains that prevent you from leading a productive life. Lifechangtip.org was formed to lift the mind, body and spirit to new heights; bringing peace and joy in our lives, which is our birthright.

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