100+ Life Changing Tips

Tip 43

If you want a job done promptly and well, get a busy person do it. The idle one knows too may substitutes and shortcuts – Napoleon Hill

Tip 42

Watch the one ahead of you, and you’ll learn why he is ahead. Then do what he does.

Tip 41

Every person who achieves any form of enduring success above mediocrity must learn the art of accurate thinking – Napoleon Hill

Tip 40

A man, who doesn’t reach decisions promptly when he has all necessary facts, cannot be depended on to carry out decisions after he makes them.

Tip 39

Happiness in an inside job.

Tip 38

When you do a kindness for someone else, you set in motion a force for good that will remain long after you’re gone – Napoleon Hill

Tip 37

Relax instantly: In your mind say and breathe –Relaxing the whole body I breathe in; relaxing the whole body I breathe out. Do it for a few minutes until completely relaxed. Try it and be amazed.

Tip 36

Waste no words on a man who dislikes you. Actions will impress him more – Napoleon Hill

Tip 35

BE the change you want to see in the world – Mohandas Gandhi

Tip 34

By all means tell the world how good you are…but do it with actions, not words – Napoleon Hill