Massage Benefits

The benefits of massage are reflected in your

Circulatory System by:

  • helping to develop a stronger heart
  • improving oxygen supply to cells
  • improving the supply of nutrients to cells
  • elimination of metabolic wastes
  • decreasing blood pressure
  • decreasing circulation of lymph

Digestive System by:

  • relaxing the abdominal and intestinal muscles
  • relieving tension
  • stimulating activity of liver and kidneys
  • elimination of waste material

Muscular System by:

  • relaxing or stimulating muscles
  • strengthening muscles and connective tissue
  • helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable
  • relieving soreness, tension and stiffness

Nervous System by:

  • stimulating motor nerve points
  • relieving restlessness and insomnia
  • promoting a sense of well-being
  • relieving pain

Respiratory System by:

  • developing respiratory muscles
  • draining sluggish lymph nodes

Integumentary System by:

  • stimulating blood to better nourish skin
  • improving tone and elasticity of skin
  • helping to normalize glandular functions

Skeletal System by:


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