What is Herbal Medicine?

herbal-medicine-plant-picturesHerbal Medicine is an ancient form of healing still widely used in much of the world, herbalism uses natural plants or plant-based substances to treat a range of illnesses and to enhance the functioning of the body’s systems.

Though herbalism is not a licensed professional modality in the United States, herbs are “prescribed” by a range of practitioners.

Practitioners undergo a four-year training. An initial consultation involves taking a medical history, testing blood pressure and giving a full physical examination. Patients are treated as individuals and all herbal prescriptions are specifically designed with this in mind. The plant medicines, are also the basis of many modern drugs, though work more slowly than conventional drugs and are formulated to enhance the ability of the body to heal itself. Herbal medicines may also be prescribed as a preventive measure.

About the author:
Derrick Walker is an advocate of holistic health and believes in cultivating a healthy lifestyle.  Derrick has spent the past twenty years managing and connecting disparate systems and building comunity on the internet.   He has consulted to, such giants of these industries as: I.B.M.; Syntel, Ford ;  Yamaha; Intuit Software; Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and Siebel  to name just a few.  Derrick currently manages an internet media consultancy and produces health and technology events.

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